Argyro: Silver
Pouli: Bird

Argyropouli ( argyros = silver + pouli = bird ) got its modern name after a very rare species of duck, silver duck, that would find refuge in the nearby lake; hence the emblem, symbol of the village. It is a matter of fact that nature itself knows what is best for her children, the flora and fauna of an area! Let’s listen to her!

The ancient poet Homer refers to some city called “Heloni” as taking part in the Trojan War and which probably is the later “Limoni” of the classical era, a city with fertile pasture irrigated by the waters of “Mati” source. The ruins of the fortress or acropolis still exist on “Kastri” hill north to Argyropouli.

The legend has it that in this lake there is a whole city down there with the temple of Pluto guarded by dragons that used to dig and stir up the waters so that for tens of years in the past fear dominated those who would take a chance to swim in it!

Silver wing Silver wing Silver wing
Olive tree branches
Olive branches at night Silver background

Local product

The local products : The major occupations of the people are stock raising and agriculture. They produce not only dried fruit such as almonds and walnuts but also fresh fruit such as pears, peaches and apples. There is also a considerable number of olive groves with some famous varieties such as: “Amfissis”, “Megaron”, “Koroneiki” and “Kalamon”.

The particular varieties we cultivate are the ones of “Amfissis” and “Koroneiki” which are regarded the most endurable to withstand the harsh climate of Argyropouli. It is not surprising therefore that some trees have reached the age of four hundred years! The quality of the olive oil produced is excellent, exquisite, outstanding! It is of low acidity, extra virgin olive oil, of high nutritional value and rich in vitamins. According to Hippocrates – the father of medicine – in ancient Greece it was used to cure gastrointestinal disorders and it would be applied to wounds, too.